Honorary Ph.D., University of Linkoping
Honorary Doctorate, University of Sussex
Fellow, London School of Economics
Honorary Doctorate, University of Middlesex
Honorary Doctorate of Laws, Birmingham University
Honorary Doctorate, University of Brighton
Bernal Prize, 1987
Schumpeter Prize, 1988
Prix International du Futuroscope, 1993
World Technology Network Award for Policy, 2001
Kondratiev Prize, 2008

Main Research Topics

Technical change in economic theory;
diffusion of generic technologies and their future implications;
structural change in the world economy;
and the “catch-up” efforts of East Asian and Latin American countries.

Recent Publications

“A Schumpeterian Renaissance” in Hanusch, H. and A.Pyka eds. Elgar Companion to Neo-Schumpeterian Economics, pp. 130-141. Chelthenham, Elgar, 2009

Systems of Innovation: Selected Essays in evolutionary Economics, Cheltenham, Elgar, 2008

“Continental, national and sub-national innovation systems – complementarity and economic growth”, Research Policy, Vol 31/2, 2002, pp 191-211

“Long-Term Structural Changes: a re-appraisal”, ch. 1 in P. Petit and L. Soete (Eds.), Technology and the Future of European Employment,Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2001, pp 23-45.

‘A hard landing for the ‘New Economy’? IT and the US national system of innovation’, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 12: 115-39, 2001

As Time Goes By: From the Industrial Revolutions to the Information Revolution. C. Freeman and F. Louça, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001.

The Economics of Industrial Innovation, (3rd Ed), C Freeman and L Soete, Pinter, London, 1997

(Editor) The Long Wave in the World Economy, International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, Aldershot, Elgar, 1996

“The ‘National System of Innovation’ in historical perspective”, Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol. 19, no. 1, 5-24, 1995

‘The Economics of technical change’, Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol. 18, no. 5, 463-514, 1994

Work for All or Mass Unemployment, C Freeman and L Soete, Pinter, London, 1994

Technology and the Wealth of Nations, (Eds) D Foray and C Freeman, Pinter, London, 1993

Economics of Hope, C Freeman, Pinter, London, 1992

Biographical Summary

1941 – 48
London School of Economics: B.Sc (Econ), 1st Class
Royal Military College, Sandhurst
War Service: 1st and 5th Battalions, Manchester Regiment.

1948 – 59
Teaching and international market research and forecasting.

1959 – 66
National Institute of Economic and Social Research, London.

1966 – 82
Director of Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex and RM Phillips Professor of Science Policy

1981 – 86
Leader of IBM sponsored research group on technology and employment.

1986 – 94
Visiting Professor at the Institute for Production, University of Aalborg, Denmark.

1986 – 96
Professorial Fellow at Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (MERIT), University of Limburg, The Netherlands

1995 – 97
Member of High Level Expert Group on the Information Society – European Commission

1997 – 99
Visiting Professor, University of East London

1986 – 2010
Emeritus Professor of Science Policy at the Science Policy Research Unit

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