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  • Richard Freadman

    Dear Tom,

    I have fond memories of meeting your father in your family home in Lewes in the early 70s. I don’t remember what he said, exactly, but I retain an impression of amused, forgiving and sagacious irony. We must have been watching a test match because at some point one of the English players (Illingworth?) was carried off with a leg injury. I regret to say that I expressed pleasure at the favourable impact this was likely to have on Aussie fortunes as a result. In the most kindly manner, your father reminded me that one ought not take pleasure in the misfortune of opponents and that a win on merit is the only sort of win that’s worth having.


  • Nick Edmondson

    A wonderful man, wonderful celebration of life.

    My father’s mother, Elsie, was Chris’s father, Arnold’s sister. John Edmondson was one year older than Chris and died one year earlier.


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